MX-3 Casette Awning

MX-3 awning is available now!

Innovative Design

Enjoy the MX-3’s contemporary innovative curved cassette design.

LED Spotlights Options

Add LED spotlights to your awning to extend your Summer evenings.

LED Lined Lighting Option

Add LED lighting to the awning recess lining to create a subtle and comfortable atmosphere.

NEW Colour Selection

The MX-3 is available in a wide range of new colours to suit every home.

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Make an excellent long-term impression with the Markilux MX-3 Cassette Awning now available at Aspect Window Styling.

The MX-3 cassette awning is stylish in design, provides ultimate UV protection and features unique customization options including LED spotlights, fabric materials and colours.

Markilux MX-3 Cassette Awning

The Markilux MX-3 cassette awning combines innovative aesthetics with technical efficiency to separate itself from the competition.

With a wide selection of fabric colours and customizable options, the MX-3 cassette awning model can suit any patio or balcony.

Innovative Design

Markilux have created a smooth cassette profile design that amalgamates shapely curves with clean lines to accentuate a contemporary awning style.

When fully extended the MX-3 provides stylish UV protection that regulates climate and creates a comfortable extension of your home. 

The MX-3 awning can also fully retract when not in use, sealing the fabric roll and arms from view, to achieve minimal architectural impact.

Technical Superiority

Markilux are renowned for utlising cutting edge advancements in awning manufacturing and German engineering to produce the most efficient and reliable awnings on the market today. The MX-3 is no exception.

The MX-3 has incredibly slick automation, superb remote control features and robust mechanisms that make it a real pleasure to use.

MX-3 Customization Options

The MX-3 has various customized options including LED lighting, fabric and colours which are explained below.

LED Lighting Options

Adding lighting to your awning is a great way of extending your outdoor experience and to fully enjoy the Summer evenings.

LED lighting can be lined into the recess of the MX-3 awning or LED spotlights can be added beneath the cassette. All LED lighting can be adjusted precisely to match your personal preferences.


The MX-3 awning frames come with the standard metallic colours and there are lots of new and exciting fabric colours available for the MX-3 including:

  • Sulphur Yellow
  • Red Orange
  • Purple Violet
  • Traffic Red
  • Yellow Green
  • Pearl White
  • Pearl Mouse Grey
  • Agate Grey.

Why not infuse your awning with a bold colour to reflect your style and home.

Awning Technical Details

Want to know if the MX-3 awning is suitable for your home? Hear are some helpful details.

The compact cover cassette measurements are 12cm (Height) x 23cm (Width).

MX-3 Awning measurements are up to 600cm (Width) x 300cm (projection) or if you would prefer greater projection measurements are 500cm (Width) x 350cm (projection).

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