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Aspect Window Styling is a vibrant company specialising in making windows look spectacular.

Based in the heart of Bath and formerly known as The Pole Company, the new brand was created to reflect both what we actually do and the changing nature of our industry.

Interior design tastes have become increasingly sophisticated over the last decade or so which has resulted in an array of fabulous new products coming onto the market.

The world of window styling is no longer the preserve of just venetian blinds or the humble curtain as new ideas and designs have emerged.

Inspired by commercial architects and a plethora of glossy home style magazines, window styling is now an essential facet of making homes and offices look their best.

Aspect Window Styling have assembled a highly experienced team who have the knowledge and insight to provide our customers with impartial product advice and appropriate ideas to suit their particular space.

Our fitting team are also renowned for their attention to detail and play an essential role in our service offering.

To conclude, we offer the proverbial ‘one stop shop’ to all areas of the market including buying products online, visiting our showroom or commercial consultancy.

Please enjoy our website and do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding your window styling.

We provide a dedicated advisory service to architects, interior designers and property developers working on commercial projects and developments.

Our team have the experience and vision to ensure you select the most appropriate products for your project even if it still at the planning stage.

We also offer attractive discounts for large orders and also assist with all elements of initial design, project management and phased installation if required.

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